'Woodland Caribou' is an illustration created for my recent 'Far North Star’ exhibition. This exhibition embodies a visual journey to the wonderful wildness of the northern Arctic region. I wanted to explore the enchanting wildlife and forests of this region particularly the 'Boreal Forest' also named the 'Taiga'. I've always been fascinated with deers and through this piece wanted to tell the story of the beautiful Boreal Woodland Caribou, a sadly endangered species. 
Rough early sketches for Woodland Caribou.
'Boreal Woodland Caribou are an endangered species. Historically, woodland caribou inhabited the forests of the Northern United States from Maine to Washington State, but have been reduced to one small herd in the Selkirk Mountains of northern Idaho, eastern Washington and southern British Columbia. This last U.S. herd is reduced to approximately 40 members that tend to stay mostly in the Canadian part of its range. (source: http://www.defenders.org/woodland-caribou/basic-facts)
Detail - Working from the initial sketches I created this piece using elements of Illustrator and photoshop. I created handmade textures and scanned them in to add levels of interest to blocks of colour. Digitally painted aspects were added to create movement.
Woodland Caribou - Vibrant full colour A3 prints (297mm x 420mm), 300 gsm on uncoated paper, each hand signed.
Woodland Caribou' is part of the Far North Star exhibition in the Mill Theatre, Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland, running from December 2016 to February 2017. 
'Woodland Caribou' is part of a limited edition of 20 full colour A3 size prints (297mm x 420mm), 300 gsm on uncoated paper. (SOLD OUT)

This image is also available for licensing, please get in touch!

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