'Whale Tale' - Detail
'Whale Tale' is a sea themed illustration inspired by the Northern Arctic sea life, part of the Far North Star exhibition in Dublin, Ireland. A Bowhead Whale tale surges out from the water; an Inuit fisherman sails by in his umiak; an Arctic Walrus sits happily on the ice.
Early Rough Sketch for 'Whale Tale'
There are many interesting tales from the North! According to stories told among Inuit peoples, powerful earth-dwelling or sea-dwelling spirits have miniature animals that live on their bodies. These animals travel to the human world and allow themselves to be captured in the hunt, to sustain human life. Human beings, like the fisherman, have for thousands of years sought the co-operation of the animal spirits and honoured them by wearing small amulets carved in their images. One such spirit is Sedna, the under-sea mistress of the Arctic sea mammals, or the Eastern Subarctic Master of the Caribou who controls game on land; or Nanook, the Master of Polar Bears.
'Whale Tale' - Detail - Orca dives deep.
Whale Tale - Vibrant full colour A3 prints (297mm x 420mm), 300 gsm on uncoated paper, each hand signed.
Whale Tale' is part of the Far North Star exhibition in the Mill Theatre, Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland, running from December 2016 to February 2017. 
'Whale Tale' is part of a limited edition of 20 full colour A3 size prints (297mm x 420mm), 300 gsm on uncoated paper. (SOLD OUT)

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