Sisters Ailbhe and Izzy have created something extraordinary by setting up their company Izzy Wheels, which sells bespoke artwork for Wheelchair spoke guards. Izzy, a wheelchair user and Ailbhe a fashion design graduate joined together to develop this fantastic product. Their aim is to break down the negative stigma related to the wheelchair, and focus on the positive impact it brings to people's lives. They prove to the world that a wheelchair can be a work of art. By purchasing an Izzy Wheel you are also donating to the Irish Wheelchair Association.
Pencil Sketch for 'Moon Forest', spoke guard design.
In January 2017, a number of Irish illustrators were asked to create special edition artwork for Izzy Wheels 'Roll Models Wheelchair Fashion Show'. Here is my Izzy Design 'Moon Forest', you can purchase it here.
'Moon Forest' - Illustration Detail
Izzy models the 'Moon Forest' design.
'Moon Forest' - Final full colour illustration. 
The spoke guards come as a pair, one for each wheel. Spoke guards are 50cm in diameter but can easily be made to fit any size wheel by request. Learn more on the Izzy Wheels website.
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