Map detail - Cook and Peary routes to the North Pole.
This illustrated map was inspired by a story of adventure, exploration and wanderlust 'Northwards over the Great Ice' of two explorers, who both claimed to have reached the pole on different expeditions over one century ago. Part of the 'Far North Star' illustration exhibition held in Dublin, December 2016.

So who was first to discover the North Pole? Well it’s an interesting story! There are two claimants, and it can only be discovered once! 
Roughs and sketches for 'Map of North Polar Regions (and the race to the pole!)'
Detail - 'Map of North Polar Regions (and the race to the pole!)'
Previously friends and shipmates - Peary and Cook raced to the pole in separate expeditions in 1908 and 1909.
Over one century ago on September 7th, 1909, readers of the New York times awakened to the exciting headline “Peary Discovers the North Pole After Eight Trials in 23 Years!” Many had tried and died attempting this same feat. Robert Edwin Peary started with a reported 50 men, as much sleighs and 246 sleigh dogs, travelled 134 miles from the pole. Then continued the last part of the journey accompanied by just Matthew Henson and four Inuit men Ootah, Seegloo, Egingway, and Ooqueah on April 6, 1909 to the pole. 

However, in that exact same month 1 year previous, Frederick Cook had arrived in Annoatok, accompanied by two Inuit men, Aapilak and Ittukusuk, on April 21, 1908. Emaciated and arrayed in rags of fur. They had returned alive after been presumed dead, 14 months from when they set out for the North pole!  The fascinating story that inspired the Map is told in more captivating detail on the Smithsonian website here.
Map of North Polar Regions (...and the race to the pole!) - Vibrant full colour prints (300mm x 400mm), 300 gsm on uncoated paper, each hand signed.
'Map of North Polar Regions (...and the race to the pole!)' is part of the Far North Star exhibition in the Mill Theatre, Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland, running from December 2016 to February 2017. 
'Map of North Polar Regions (...and the race to the pole!)' is part of a limited edition of 10 full colour A3 size prints (300mm x 400 mm), 300 gsm on uncoated paper.
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