Manaus - City of the Forest
(14" x 21" Fine art giclee print on cotton rag, wooden frame)

A city only reachable by plane or boat, Manaus is located deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. The city flourished during the rubber boom of the 1800's, though now much less affluent, in it's prime, Manaus was a rich and extravagant town with stylish and luxurious buildings that once thrived with the success of the rubber trade. A city that rose because of the rubber tree, I imagined it enveloped by the vast Jungle, held up by the rubber trees that were carved to extract their precious sap. I pictured the exotic city belonging to the rainforest, encircled with all the beauty and wilderness of it's flora and fauna, and the indigenous spirit of the Amazon.
This piece was created as part of a fun exhibtion with The Blind Elephant Illustration Collective, in Dublin. The exhibiton was entitled  "Canarinhos by Gringos", each artist assigned a host city from the Brazil 2014 Word Cup!
For more information see @beicollective #brazillustration

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