The Handmade Soap Company - Lemongrass & Cedarwood Travel Set
The Handmade Soap Company wanted to create some special designs for their new gift box packaging. The brief for the Travel Set was to evoke a sense of the exotic, with bold and colourful jungle themed imagery. 
Jaguar character sketch.
Illustration plan - Vintage style plane, large exotic leaves, Jaguar.
Travel Set
According to The Handmade Soap Company philosophy, 'good things come in small, wonderfully fragrant packages'! Brimming with essential oils and skin-loving goodness, these portable bottles are the perfect travel companion to hydrate and revive the wary traveller. Imagining exotic and far away places where exciting travels may lead, I designed a Jaguar character and some whimsical leave shapes to create a miniature jungle environment. These illustrations were printed and cut-out props for the product photo shoot.
Travel Set Packaging - These travel products are infused with essential oils and soothing lemongrasses.
The packaging design follows the form of a stylish, vintage feel suitcase, featuring quirky illustrated travel tags and stickers. The packaging is made from paper on board construction with a matte finish. A magnetic strip is concealed within the top fold, securing the box shut. 
Photographs by Trevor Hart ( Styling by Eleanor Harpur (@eleanorharpur_stylist)
Because you are Amazing - Gift Set
'It's everything your skin needs to feel amazing, because, well, you are amazing.' This luxurious gift box set was released before Christmas and forms the ultimate collection of pampering Lemongrass and Cedarwood scented products. My brief was to create an attractive design using botanical inspired motifs and lettering that exuded the luxury aspect of this gift set. A Kraft card interior maintains the brands 'down to earth' natural aesthetic.
Early sketch of motifs and lettering - Motifs are placed to create the illusion that they are flowing across the package.
Detail of Lettering - Coppery Metallic ink on Matte finish Paper sparkles on packaging.
Inside Box - Kraft card stock used in box interior, motifs and lettering appear in white ink.
Because you are Amazing - Gift Set
The illustrated motifs were enlarged and printed to create an interesting set for the promotional product photography.
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