American Bison - This magnificent animal once numbered millions and roamed the great north plains of America, hunted to the brink of extinction, the American Bison now survives only in reserves.
This print was especially selected by Urban Outfitters in 2011 to appear in the UO Society6 Online Print Shop
An Béar Bán - The Polar Bear is an Arctic dweller with a habitat worryingly under threat from climate change. This print was especially selected by Urban Outfitters in 2011 to appear in the UO Society6 Online Print Shop.
Asian Elephant - The elephant is a revered and respected animal by Asian cultures, adorned and included in religious events and festivals. WWF website explains that the Elephant’s ancient migratory routes and habitats have been severely disrupted by expanding human populations. Remaining populations consist of small fragmented groups that are still under threat from poaching for ivory, meat and hides. I decided to create this image to add to a series on endangered species and highlight the challenges that face the future of this magnificent creature. This print was especially selected byUrban Outfitters in 2011 to appear in theUO Society6 Online Print Shop.

Mac Tíre - Mac tíre is the Irish word for ‘Wolf’. It’s literal translation is ‘Son of the country-side’. Wolves once roamed as wild animals in the Irish countryside but were sadly hunted to extinction.
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