The forest is a magical and mysterious place teeming with life from dawn to dusk.
Day & Night: Rainforest challenges perceptive children of all ages to explore life in various rainforest locations at different times of day. The book construction consists of a large concertina fold format, 214 x 334 mm (folded out length 1.4 m). There are two large 7 panel panoramic scenes (printed double-sided), the first showing the vibrant rainforest during the day; the second shows an active rainforest at night. 

By means of detailed and absorbing illustrations and interactive elements, like that of a Wimmelbook, this epic activity book challenges the reader to find specific objects in a jungle of amusing distractions. There are over 200 different animal and plant species featured across the pages. The construction of the book complements the explorative aspects aiming to fascinate and entertain young readers.

Day & Night: Rainforest won at the Irish Design Awards in 2018 in Best Illustration Publishing category.
Rough sketches for day and night panoramic Jungle scenes.
Detail from final sketches, filled with noted animal species.
Detail from Night jungle scene.
Testing 3 colour palette options for jungle night scene (middle palette selected).
End pages list each wild creature that can be found in day or night jungle scenes.
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Published by VICTION-VICTION, 2018  -  Illustrator: Paula McGloin
Specs: 214 x 334 mm (folded out length 1.4 m)  - Format: Concertina book, 7-panel panoramic scenes (double-sided)
Language: English -  For Ages 4+​​​​​​​
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