As an inhabitant of a little Island nation, the mystery and wonder of the sea is very inspiring to me. I wanted to explore these themes in 'Celtic Sea', a little mini side project of illustrations. 
I've began by practicing making hand painted repeat patterns. This was different to my usual process of creating vector-based pattern illustrations. The unpredictable nature of the hand painted watercolours create splotches and bleeding across lines. These little 'mistakes' added character and personality to the pattern.
Celtic Sea - Repeat Sketch, below painting in progress ©Paula McGloin 
Celtic Sea Original painting of repeat design ©Paula McGloin

Above is the painting that became the basis for the pattern. Gouache paint on Fabriano paper, size 30x40 cm approx. It's a little like putting together a big jigsaw! I scanned the original painting into Adobe Photoshop, then by layering and refining all sides of the image, a repeatable swatch was created.
Celtic Sea - Repeat pattern design for fabric
It was so satisfying to see my Celtic Sea painting on fabric! The colours came out so vibrant, and I was really happy with the result! You can now order the design from my Spoonflower shop here.
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