'Carnival of the Animals Poster'' for West Wicklow Chamber Orchestra  ©PaulaMcGloin2023
Illustration for 'Carnival of the Animals', a musical concert by West Wicklow Chamber Music Festival taking place Sunday 21st May 2023, Tramway Theatre, Blessington.

Packed with humour and mischievous fun, Saint-Saëns’ Carnival of the Animals is adored by children and grown-ups the world over.

The brilliant Irish Chamber Orchestra, performing for the first time in Co. Wicklow, brought all the various animals to life, with the help of actor Evanna Lynch and Soo-Jung Ann and Fiachra Garvey fighting it out on two grand pianos. From the Tortoise’s lumbering Can-Can, to crazy Wild Donkeys and the graceful Swan, music and animal-lovers of all ages were in for a fantastical musical treat. I also facilitated an animal mask making workshop on the day to celebrate the event!
Detail from 'Carnival of the Animals Poster'  ©PaulaMcGloin2023
See above early thumbnail rough and more detailed approved poster sketch. The composition was adjusted so that the animals are parading up a hill. This compositional tilt fit nicely with the West Wicklow Festival branding.

The Carnival of the Animals is a sequenced music event celebrating each of the animals mentioned (including the Pianists!)
In the illustration, the animals are on the march led by the Lion, followed by Swan, Hare, Kangaroo, Donkey, Elephant, Cockerel, Tortoise, Toucan, Cuckoo, the pianist and an array of sea life. Bright colours from the WWF branding were integrated into the the colour scheme.
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