Manaus - Fabric Collection

The bright and vibrant 'Manaus' fabric collection, inspired by the wildlife of the City of the Forest, for Camelot Fabrics.

Manaus Fabric Collection Bundle
The bright and vibrant 'Manaus' fabric collection, has been a real labour of love, re-visiting all of my favourite topics; Brazil, Jungle and of course wild animals! The collection was inspired by the original 'Manaus - City of the Forest' artwork. This theme was expanded to include lot's of new and exotic animal characters; Jaguar, Macaw, spider monkeys & howler monkeys, also introducing some bold colour combinations and interesting botanical shapes. 
Developing jungle animal characters.
Development of Jaguar character - applying bright colour combinations inspired by the jungle.
Manaus - Main print on dark green.
Jungle florals - Mid, dark and bright backgrounds.
Manaus - Hero print on light background.
Coordinate - Vine repeat
Coordinate - Butterflies (dark background)
Coordinate - Butterflies (bright background)
The Manaus Collection is now available to order from Camelot Fabrics, see more here.
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